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BWA Water Additives Appoints New Vice President of Operations

BWA Water Additives Appoints New Regional Oil and Gas Managers

BWA Water Additives Showcases High Performance Desalination Solutions at WETEX 2015, April 21 – 23, Dubai

BWA Water Additives Appoints New Vice President of Asia-Pacific

BWA Water Additives Launches Next Generation Biocide Bellacide 300 at NACE CORROSION 2015

BWA Water Additives Appoints New President and CEO

BWA Water Additives Showcases Biocide for use in shale formations at Shale Insight 2014

BWA Water Additives Showcases Biocides and Scale Inhibitors for Your Water Treatment Needs at Annual IWC Conference

BWA Water Additives Showcases Two Events at the Annual AWT Conference: Building Blocks for Cooling Water Formulation and Bellacide Biocides Reducing Cost Versus Other Non-oxidizing Biocides

BWA Water Additives Reverse Osmosis Expert to Present at European Desalination Society Conference

BWA Water Additives Launches Industry Leading Belgard® Optimax™ Antiscalant Monitoring in the Middle East and Showcases High Performance Desalination Solutions at WETEX 2014

BWA Water Additives Showcases New Bellasol® Oilfield Antiscalant and Recently Launched Bellacide® 350 at NACE Corrosion 2014

BWA Water Additives Showcases New Biocides for Industrial Water Treatment and New Scale Inhibitor for Oil & Gas at Annual IWC Conference

BWA Water Additives Showcases New Biocides and Water Additives for Formulators and Water Treatment Service Companies at Annual AWT Conference

BWA Water Additives Attends IDA World Congress 2013 and Introduces Belgard® OptimaxTM – A Complete System to Lower Desalination Operating Costs

BWA Water Additives Presents Bellasol® S65, A New High Performance and Biodegradable Polymeric Scale Inhibitor for Downhole Squeeze & Topside Applications at UK Oil Industry Event, November 6, 2013

BWA Water Additives Joins the Rice Brine Chemistry Consortium Focusing on the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil & Gas Experts Showcase Biodegradable Antiscalants & Newly EPA Approved Microbiocides at SPE International Symposium on Oilfield Chemistry, April 8–10, The Woodlands,TX

BWA Water Additives Presents Non-oxidizing Biocides, Biodegradable Antiscalants at Corrosion 2013

BWA Water Additives Presents High-Performance Desalination Solutions at Water China 2013

BWA in the News

Off the Scale- Bellasol S65 is an Environmentally Friendly Technology Designed to Improve Scale Inhibition
Excerpted from InnovOil, September 2014, p.10
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Bellacide 355 Anti-microbial Treatment for Oil and Gas Operations
Excerpted from InnovOil, July 2014, p.11
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David Cartmell, Executive Chairman and CEO, on BWA's Sustainable Solutions
Excerpted from Filtration & Separation, Jan/Feb 2014, pp. 16-19
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BWA Sees Growth in Reverse Osmosis Market
Excerpted from Chemical Week, January 27, 2014, pp.16-17
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High Performance Chemistry
Excerpted from Oilfield Technology, October 2013, Volume 6 Issue 2, pp. 48-52
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Approval of New Biocide Active
Excerpted from Chemical Week, September 20, 2013
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Biodegradability of Water Treatment Additives
Excerpted from Speciality Chemicals, September 2013, pp. 36-37
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Performance Review of Simplified Cooling Water Treatment
Excerpted from Industrial Water Treatment, July August 2013, pp. 11-16
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New Options in Scale Bacteria Management
Excerpted from Exploration & Production (E&P), June 2013
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Better Biocides: BWA's Fast-acting, Long-lasting Biocide for Improved Health & Safety
Excerpted from InnovOil, Feb 2013, pp. 10, 11
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Trade Shows

WETEX - Water, Energy Technology and Environment Exhibition
April 14 – 17, 2015
Dubai – UAE
Conference Details

IDA- International Desalination Association
August 30 - September 4, 2015
San Diego, CA – USA
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CDA – Qingdao International Congress on Desalination & Water Reuse
June 29 - July 2, 2015
Qingdao – China

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