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Bellacide 355 Anti-microbial Treatment for Oil and Gas Operations
Excerpted from InnovOil, July 2014, p.11
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David Cartmell, Executive Chairman and CEO, on BWA's Sustainable Solutions
Excerpted from Filtration & Separation, Jan/Feb 2014, pp. 16-19
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BWA Sees Growth in Reverse Osmosis Market
Excerpted from Chemical Week, January 27, 2014, pp.16-17
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High Performance Chemistry
Excerpted from Oilfield Technology, October 2013, Volume 6 Issue 2, pp. 48-52
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Approval of New Biocide Active
Excerpted from Chemical Week, September 20, 2013
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Biodegradability of Water Treatment Additives
Excerpted from Speciality Chemicals, September 2013, pp. 36-37
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Performance Review of Simplified Cooling Water Treatment
Excerpted from Industrial Water Treatment, July August 2013, pp. 11-16
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New Options in Scale Bacteria Management
Excerpted from Exploration & Production (E&P), June 2013
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Better Biocides: BWA's Fast-acting, Long-lasting Biocide for Improved Health & Safety
Excerpted from InnovOil, Feb 2013, pp. 10, 11
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Oilfield Technology Q&A Session with BWA
Excerpted from Oilfield Technology, Feb 2013, Volume 6 Issue 2, pp.48-52
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Trade Shows

NACE - Corrosion 2014
March 9-13, 2014
San Antonio, TX - USA
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WETEX - Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition
April 14-16, 2014
Dubai - UAE
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EDS - Desalination for the Environment Clean Water and Energy
May 11-15, 2014

Limassol, Cyprus
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AWT - Association of Water Technologies
October 29 - November 1, 2014
Fort Worth, TX - USA
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IWC- International Water Conference
November 16-20, 2014
San Antonio, TX  - USA
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