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BWA Water Additives would like to recognize our global operations and customer service teams. Thank you for your continued support within the organization. We appreciate your commitment to provide our customers with exceptional service.


BWA Water Additives strives for the highest customer intimacy, with major customer service centers in Manchester (UK), Atlanta (USA), Yokohama (Japan), Singapore (Singapore) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

These service centers provide immediate access to BWA order processing, products and services. Our global supply and distribution center is highly flexible with the capacity and capability to supply over 80 countries.

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We offer sales and marketing support from regional teams in North America (Atlanta), Europe (Manchester), Middle East (Dubai) and Asia Pacific (Singapore, Yokohama & Shanghai) with commercial reach into 80 countries.

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Technical Support

The BWA Technology team has a strong reputation for expertise in the design and application of water treatment solutions, as demonstrated by its successful track record in consistently bringing new products and solutions to market which meet our customers’ needs.

The team is currently located in two centers of excellence in Manchester, UK and Atlanta, US, where work is focused on developing new technologies and providing excellent technical service.

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Regulatory Support

BWA’s Regulatory Affairs Group supports the business on a global basis by ensuring that products are compliant with all local legislation and providing assistance and advice to our customers.

BWA maintains its position at the leading edge of regulatory requirements directly through its dedicated teams in Manchester (UK) & Atlanta (US) and by working through long established relationships with local experts.

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