Industrial Water Treatment

Clean water is not only essential for a healthy life. It’s also essential for many manufacturing and refining processes. If scale, algae or other contaminants are allowed to form or grow in these systems, it could have a negative effect on many industrial processes. Fortunately, there are many BWA water additives to keep the processes you depend on clean and clear.

BWA’s industrial water treatment products are used in a wide range of settings, all around the world. Mining, cooling process water, pulp and paper production, sugar evaporation process, and boilers all benefit from industrial water additives from BWA. The following are just a few solutions that we offer: 

-Dispersant agents for boiler treatment

-Biocides, algaecides and corrosion control/scale inhibitor agents for cooling process water

-Biocides for the water used in pipeline pressurization in mining operations

-Cooling process and scale control products for the pulp and paper manufacturing industry 

-Scale inhibition products for sugar refineries

Clean water is important for the efficiency of your operations. Processes that are contaminant free help keep your energy costs down because it allows your equipment to work more efficiently. Contact BWA today or download some of our product data sheets to learn which of our options are right for your needs.