Membrane Desalination

Advances in desalination technology over recent years have meant membrane systems have become a more cost efficient and sustainable way of addressing the huge demand for fresh water today. Residential, industrial, agricultural and commercial users are just some of the many who need access to clean, potable water which, in our world, invariably means utilizing water from saline sources. In many cases reverse osmosis plants removing salt and other minerals from seawater, or brackish water, as well as bacteria and other deposits, require chemical treatment to maintain clean membrane surfaces. Desalination water treatment products from BWA Water Additives are designed to protect and optimize your membrane process to enhance the availability of clean water even in the most challenging of environments.

Our Flocon® chemical range offers water treatment solutions to address all the needs of your membrane operation. Flocon® cleaners are designed to remove everything from organic deposits and silt to metal hydroxides and our Flocon® B38 biocide is effective in removing biofilm and controlling bacterial activity over a wide pH range. Flocon® antiscalants such as; Flocon® 135, 190, 260 and Plus N have been created specifically to keep membrane surfaces free of scale over a wide range of water chemistries encountered in reverse osmosis systems.

BWA also offer technical service support and monitoring equipment for the detection and control of our Flocon® antiscalants. Using Flodose®, a predictive software tool, will assist in the correct choice of antiscalant and dosage required for your system water chemistry.

Choose Flocon® services and membrane desalination water additives from BWA to keep your operation running smoothly and benefit both your desalination plant and your customers.

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