Industry Overview

  • Oil & Gas Biocide and Antiscalant Industry Solutions
    Treating your frac tank, impoundment pit, producing wells or even sour wells require biocides that can act quickly with a lasting effect to help ensure the longevity of production. Battling barium sulfate or calcium carbonate or anything in between, we can help provide the right solution to keep your well running even in the most extreme scaling conditions.
  • Industrial Water Treatment Microbiological Industry Solutions
    Complete microbiological control can be achieved with BWA Water Additives range of oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides. Our Bellacide®, BromiCide® and LiquiBrom® products provide effective microbiological control over a wide pH range without the need for high free halogen residuals.
  • Industrial Water Treatment Corrosion Industry Solutions
    BWA provides a comprehensive range of organic corrosion inhibitors that perform well in a wide range of water conditions. Belclene® and Belcor® corrosion control products provide several options to develop either all organic or low level zinc formulations to meet the technical and environmental needs of the market.
  • Industrial Water Treatment Antiscalant Industry Solutions
    BWA’s scale control products are designed for both exceptional technical performance and environmental responsibility. The maleic, phosphinocarboxylic and phosphinocarboxylic acid technology on which BWA products are based has led to additives which out-perform polyacrylates and acrylic copolymers.
  • Membrane Desalination Industry Solutions
    Comprehensive solutions for optimal plant performance. Our Flocon® solutions are a range of products and support services for protecting and optimizing the performance of membrane systems. Flodose® is a predictive software tool that enables reverse osmosis users to select antiscalants most suited to the needs of their plant water chemistry. Our expertise includes antiscalant technology, membrane cleaning, customer training, technical support and monitoring of both antiscalant and plant performance.
  • Thermal Desalination Industry Solutions
    Sustainable technologies for global desalination processes since 1973. Our Belgard® polymers and Belite® antifoam continue to be the global products of choice for the successful treatment of Multi Stage Flash (MSF) and Multi Effect Distillation (MED) systems in preventing scale deposition and fouling.