Belcor® Solutions

Belcor® 575
All organic corrosion inhibitor, allowing for metal free formulations.
A unique high performance mild steel corrosion inhibitor for use in all-organic cooling water formulations that gives significantly better performance than commodity phosphonates such as HEDP.

Belcor® 585
Multifunctional scale and corrosion inhibitor.
A high performance corrosion inhibitor that offers the corrosion protection benefits of traditional polymers, phosphonate and molybdate based programs, along with enhanced antiscalant properties, for use in cooling and process water systems.

Belcor® 593
All organic corrosion inhibitor, environmentally compatible alternative to nitrite.
Provides treatment formulations better corrosion rates that nitrite, a lower cost compared to molybdate and flexibility in a wide range of make-up water conditions including hard and soft waters.