Bellacide® Solutions

Bellacide® 300
Competitive, Capable and Compatible Biocide. Winterized version available.
Used in exploration, drilling, fracturing, production, pipeline pressurization, storage and refineries. Bellacide 300 controls microorganisms more effectively than glutaraldehyde when used in synergy with halogen.

Bellacide® 301
Broad spectrum non-oxidizing biocide for routine application. Halogen compatible.
Eliminates algae, fungus, and bacteria, including Legionella pneumophila. *Legionella control is based on an independent third party lab, and not a guarantee of results in field use.

Bellacide® 325
Low cost, routine use algaecide.
Used in industrial cooling and ornamental water systems. Better algal inhibition than non oxidizing biocides such as glutaraldehyde or DBNPA.

Bellacide® 355
Excellent clean up biocide for dirty systems or where organic contamination/biological loading is high. Excellent for closed loop systems.