Scale control

In a sugar refinery, the efficient operation of the evaporation process is critical to the entire energy balance. That’s why effective evaporator scale inhibition is crucial to your successful operation.


Scale Control: These technologies provide exceptional scale inhibition in variable conditions without interfering with other systems. All while lowering your energy costs.

Belclene® 108
Highly effective in sugar juice applications for various mineral compositions such as carbonates, sulfates, phosphates, oxalates, hydroxides & oxides of divalent & trivalent metals. FDA approved 21CFR 173.73, for sugar juice evaporators.

Belclene® 109
Effective deposit control for sugar refining, mining water treatment, and paper water treatment where various scaling potentials are possible.  FDA approved 21CFR 173.73, for sugar juice processing.

Belclene® 200
Excellent Calcium Carbonate crystal distortion results in non-adherent crystals. FDA 21CFR 173.310, 21CFR 173.45.